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The Next Generation  Distillery 

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A built-in barrel carrier:

  1. Barrel carrier mounted with screws

  2. Solid U-beam

  3. Force sensors with metal supports

  4. Shortened wooden barrel supports

  5. Sensor cables which are connected to the sensor amplifier with Bluetooth.

Our Wireless Barrel Monitoring System provides

·    Angel Share

·    Devils Cut

·    Temperature

·    Humidity

·    Alarm if barrel is leaking

Each barrel is stored individually on steel girders, which considerably simplifies the transfer of barrels.  A battery-operated force measuring system is built into each carrier, which accurately records the barrel weight, temperature and humidity. This information can be view on a tablet or computer for easy wireless monitoring. This data shows whether all barrels are still tight, and how much has evaporated ('Angel-share'), temperature, humidity, and weight. Providing information on how things may be changing in various areas of the cellar for example being able to identify increased evaporation taking place in an area of the cellar, or that a barrel has a leak.  Additionally,  the amount of distillate remaining in the barrel wood (the devils cut) can also be recorded.

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