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  • Dynamic/Piezo-electric sensors: Acceleration, force & pressure

  • Impulse hammers, sensor signal conditioners & sensor cables

  • Calibration Services for dynamic sensors from all manufacturers

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Custom force, torque & strain measurement:​

  • Custom strain gage installations on components

  • Field & lab services for strain measurement & data acquisition

  • Custom transducer design, manufacturing, and calibration.

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  •  Precision turbine flow meters for gases & liquids including EXACT dual rotor turbines & oval gear meters.

  • Flow computers, signal conditioners, & indicators. 

  • Load Cells & Force Sensors

  • Torque Sensors: reaction, rotating & telemetry-based

  • Instrumentst: digital display & hand-held meters

  • Calibration systems & service for force and torque sensor from any manufacturer 

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