Customer manufacturer of wire harnesses, interconnects, cables & wire assemblies including over-molding.​


Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG's) and optical sensor products including temperature, strain, pressure, vibration, tilt and displacement in addition to other custom sensors.

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Custom OEM force, pressure & torque

  • Sensor design & manufacturing

  • Amplifiers & integrated electronics

  • OEM transducer manufacturing

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Global Contract Manufacturers and Product Design Engineers:

  • Designers and manufacturers of electrical and mechanical assemblies

  • Supply chain, Quality, & Project Managment

  • Load Cells & Force Sensors

  • Torque Sensors: reaction, rotating & telemetry-based

  • Instruments: digital display & hand-held meters, data acqusitions

  • Custom sensors

  • Calibration systems & services

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  • Amalga micro-engineering: ultra-small, precision sensors, actuators & 3D micro-structures that were previously impossible. Examples include implantable zeropower sensors, micro-force sensors, & micro-fluidic flow sensors.

  • Energy harvesting technology and self charging batteries.


Custom OEM Pressure Solutions

  • Pressure sensors: MEMs, MEMs isolated, Bonded Foil, & Capacitive

  • Pressure gauges: Digital & analog dial; diaphragm & bourdon tube

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