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Smart Sensing & Precision Accuracy in Infusion Pumps

The implementation of force sensors in infusion pumps helps regulate fluid delivery to a patient. The sensors can measure changes in force and send this information to the doctor/clinician to adjust. Force sensors can detect possible occlusions and blockages via pressure changes in the tubing of peristaltic infusion pumps. The mechanics of this are simple yet extremely effective. Fluid flows through the tubing, pushing outward and therefore applying force to the sensor. In the case of occlusion, the pressure inside the tubing will change, resulting in a change to the force being applied, indicating an obstruction and notifying the clinician/patient that there is a problem with the fluid path. This allows the correct actions to be taken to avoid any detrimental injuries and complications.

When installed on infusion pumps our sensors provide many benefits including occlusion detection to prevent blockages, accurate readings, and the ability to notify the user when action is needed, for example, the fluid may need replacing or topped up. The sensors are robust, flexible, and reliable making them a great advancement on the traditional infusion systems that rely on gravity and require a lot more space.

Sensors are key components in controlling and monitoring infusion pumps. The figure below illustrates the potential locations of sensors employed in infusion pumps.

We offer full customizability for your sensors so they can perform at the highest level in your application, keeping them reliable, cost-effective and accurate.

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