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Why Force Measurement Matters in Education

Interface has a long history of working with colleges and universities worldwide. From individual engineering students testing the force of space vehicles thrust to supplying onsite calibration labs with load cells and test frames, we have been a resource for higher education learning for many years.

Innovation and exploration have no boundaries, and the key to learning institutions' success is having resources that support student projects and activities. We often get requests from STEM students and educators for projects that require load cells, torque transducers, and instrumentation. Read: Back to School Force Measurement Essentials 

How are educators using force measurement? They are helping students translate theoretical knowledge into practical skills and push the boundaries of innovation. Interface supplies high-accuracy sensor devices for higher education programs to design and test new medical devices, create new spacecraft and interplanetary vehicles, test materials for miniature consumer products, and build robots and AI machines. Check out Interface's Education Solutions here.

Interface Keeps Pledge to Support Force Measurement Education

University engineering programs strive to equip students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to become tomorrow's innovators. But how do you bridge the gap between textbook diagrams and real-world results? One powerful approach lies in hands-on projects that push the boundaries of design and performance.

Take, for example, the University of Minnesota's Gopher Motorsports team. These dedicated students aren't just flipping through textbooks but designing, building, and racing their Formula SAE race cars. This prestigious competition demands speed and agility on the track, meticulous engineering, efficient manufacturing, and sound business planning.

That's where Interface, a leading provider of force measurement solutions, comes in. Interface and our partner, Minnesota Measurement Engineering, recognized the power of experiential learning and provided Gopher Motorsports with the tools they needed to translate theoretical models into real-world performance. 

From Theory to Track: How Force Measurement Makes a Difference

Armed with state-of-the-art Interface Mini™ Load Cells, the Gopher Motorsports team gathered critical data on their car's suspension system during extensive track testing sessions. These tiny but powerful sensors, strategically mounted on the vehicle, measured forces in real time, providing invaluable insights into how the car was handled under various conditions.

However, the impact went beyond mere data collection. The Gopher Motorsports team used the insights from Interface's technology to optimize their car's design, making it lighter, stronger, and ultimately faster. READ: Gopher Motorsports Takes Force Measurement Optimization to the Track

Empowering the Next Generation of Engineers

The Gopher Motorsports story exemplifies Interface's commitment to STEM by empowering the next generation of engineers and scientists. Interface helps students bridge the gap between theory and practice, transforming classroom concepts into tangible results by providing excellent force measurement solutions and collaborating with educational institutions across the globe.

This dedication to fostering innovation extends beyond just equipment. Interface also offers educational discounts and technical support to university programs, ensuring students can access the necessary resources to excel.

Our Commitment to Education

Our investment in supporting educational programs runs deep into our history as a company. Our founder's name is on the Richard F. Caris Mirror Lab at the University of Arizona. Following his legacy, the Richard F. Caris Charitable Trust supports STEM programs, including the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) sponsorship.

The Interface University Program supports campus labs and programs by supplying essential products that are critical tools for learning. Engineering students have access to quality, accurate, and durable measurement tools that help to further their experience and learning. The program offers bundles and products at a discount to ensure access to the best resources.

We are committed to ensuring that students passionate about science and engineering have access to the best force measurement sensor technologies. We offer a standard discount to all students and higher learning institutions. Learning requires the best tools, and we want to ensure every student has the most accurate, quality, and precision load cells available today.

So, the next time you see a university engineering team pushing the boundaries of design and performance, remember that behind the scenes, companies like Interface are playing a crucial role in their success. By providing the tools and support needed to turn knowledge into skills, we can all help shape the future of engineering, one measurement project at a time.

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